The Preston Sign Company
Design Services

Logo Design
Logo design is a specialty at Preston Sign Company. Traditionally, when a signpainter was called upon to fabricate a sign for a new business the project often involved some sort of logo design. These designs were often rendered by hand using the individual artist's styles, and later adapted as company logos without further development. A classic example of this is Coca Cola.

Before computer technology it was difficult to reproduce this signage into a form of "camera ready art" without the signman's skills, plus that of a highly experienced draftsman. Preston Signs provides logo designs for most of it's new customers. and frequently provides "redraw" service for non existing or non-scalable logo file formats.

Design to Print
Preston Design has a complete design department ready to provide full "Ad Agency" type services. We can provide "camera ready" computer files in any format for any printing, adveertising, or promotional project. In addition we can provide printing services for high quality full color offset printing. Including business cards, brochures and newsletters. We "speak the language" and can help take the mystery out of your next project without charging "agency" fees.